Getting Started

Interested in getting started?  Do you have some questions?  Please call us today or use the form on the Contact page to send us a message and inquire about getting services.  Often your first contact will be with my husband Jon.  He’ll answer your questions, arrange an appointment or have me get in touch with you.

Before we have our first session, I usually like to conduct a phone interview with the parent, caregiver or patient.  For children, this helps keep the adult conversation to a minimum so that I can immediately engage and build rapport with the child during our first session.  The initial phone interview also lets me obtain a solid background on the child’s strengths and weaknesses without discussing them in front of the child.  For both kids and adults, the phone interview gives me some time to reflect on their history so our first session can be as productive as possible.

A regular treatment session is 50-55 minutes long.  For new patients, starting Summer 2017, my charge for a regular session is $135, payable in full by check or cash at the time of service.  Checks are always the preferred method of payment since they serve as your receipt. We do NOT accept credit or debit cards.

If you have insurance coverage that offers out-of-network benefits for Occupational Therapy, or a flexible spending account (FSA) or healthcare reimbursement account (HRA) with your employer or a high-deductible healthcare plan (HDHP) with a healthcare savings account (HSA), you can request a monthly statement of services from us.  You would then submit our statement with your claim or other paperwork to obtain reimbursement from your plan or account.